Eleven million young people in America need help for substance abuse and addiction. Parents of these children often feel ashamed, worried, angry, overwhelmed and uncertain what to do. The Partnership at Drugfree.org listened and has created this resource to help parents gain a better understanding of teen and young adult alcohol and drug abuse, dependence and addiction; get support from experts and other parents who have been there; and help them find the right help for their child and family.

Are you a parent or caregiver of a teen or young adult struggling with a substance abuse problem? Then this online community is for you.

Here you’ll find learning experiences, expert guidance and support from parents and families who understand the challenges and emotions you may be facing.

  • Learn

    A great place to start is with our Learn section. Simply click on the LEARN icon to the left and you’ll find e-books detailing how to intervene and get the right help for your child's substance abuse problem.

  • Make a Plan

    Next visit Make a Plan where you’ll find checklists and worksheets to help you and your family gain control over your situation.

  • Q&A

    In our Q&A -- a support group for families of addicts -- you can get answers to your most pressing questions, share your story, read parents’ journals, and offer words of hope.

  • Get Involved

    And if you’re in a place where you want to give back to others, please visit our Get Involved section.

  • Helpline

    We're here to help you with your teen's substance abuse problem. Call our Parents Toll-Free Helpline and speak to a Parent Specialist. Call us Monday to Friday, 10:00 am - 6:00 ET. 1-855-378-4373