Welcome, Pernilla!

Welcome, Pernilla!

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Please join me in welcoming Pernilla Burke as our new community manager. Pernilla is here to help you – anything from how to use the site, to helping you find an answer to a pressing question or leading you to help for your child struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. Pernilla is a mother of two young children and is in long-term recovery. She is very passionate about recovery, for connecting with other parents in recovery, and for helping all parents be better prepared, equipped and supported for drug and alcohol issues. You can leave Pernilla a comment here.

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Welcome, Pernilla! I have no doubt that your perspective will go a long way toward building a thriving, constructive support community here on Time To Get Help.

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Thanks Matt! I'm so excited. Pernilla

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Welcome Pernilla! We are so excited to have you here!!

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Thanks dear! xo

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Have fabulous to have you with us.....love your smile!!!!!

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Welcome, Pernilla -- we're thrilled to have you!

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Pernilla ... So glad to have you, your experience, your passion, and your commitment. Now we have to re-build the community together.

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Thank you Tom H, yes let's do it!
Happy Holidays,