Help for my niece

Help for my niece

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I'm not a parent, but I am family. My niece needs help. Where to begin?? Well, she was just arrested yesterday on a felony charge. Her parents bailed her out, only to have her run back to her boyfriend. He's on drugs too. She is not a minor so they can't stop her from being with him. My biggest concern is that I don't know what to do to help her. I've heard some pretty bad stuff. The worst is that her boyfriend has been pimping her out for drug money. I don't want to believe it, but I can't ignore something like that. Can someone help me. Please, I need to know where to start. I have to try to help this child. She is still a child, with her whole life in front of her. I want to help her.


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My heart goes out to you. This situation is always stressful for family members. I'm a parent of a former addict and I know how anxious you must feel. As you know, we cannot control what our children or nieces in your case decide to do with their lives. I realize that this is a painful situation.

I would also suggest calling The Partnership Helpline 1-855-DRUGFREE. There are two counselors there that you can talk with about your situation.

Consider seeing a professional or attending a support group meeting.You can always offer to help your niece with a treatment program if that is something you are considering.
Understanding that you cannot control your niece's behavior, but staying close, letting her know that you love her and that there is a better way may help.

Be sure to keep us posted on you niece.

All the best to you,
Cathy Taughinbaugh

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Dear Aunt~
Cathy gave great advice. I'm a former addict and I remmeber my dad used to send me weekly notes in the mail they didn't say much but I LOVE YOU with a drawing we used to sketch for each other during church when I was a little girl. It was a stick man with arms out and smiling. I never called him or wrote back but he didn't stop sending it weekly. I have told him now, but for so long he never new how much those saved me. The fact that I had not responsed back over years and he still wrote? Wow, that was proof of his love to me. I was hard to reach emotionally and wouldn't commuinicate with hardly any family. But his notes (which I still have today) saved me. Just to know that no matter what he was there when I was ready. And I knew he wouldn't hurt me. Sending strength and love to you.