How to Transition when Daughter Comes Home from Treatment

How to Transition when Daughter Comes Home from Treatment

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My 21 year old daughter will be returning home in a few weeks after completing 90 days of inpatient treatment. I need help understanding how to best make this transition with her (and for my other daughter, 18, still at home). I don't want to be overly invasive and know she wants to be trusted again. However, the trust is broken, and I am a mix of hopefulness and fear. What kinds of expectations should I have in terms of her living here -- checking in, driving, going out, etc.? How can I stop myself from searching her room, and other policing efforts? How often should she be drug-tested and should I allow this to guide my knowledge so that my sleuthing stops? Thank you.


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Dear Moonmom,

We’re here for you and you are not alone in this.  Reading your question reminded me of a blog post by one of our bloggers Bill Ford.  He shares steps parents can take when a recovering child comes home again.  Here’s the link to the article. You might also find this post about hope and patience helpful.

Transitions are difficult for many and it seems like your other daughter needs some guidance understanding what's going on and how to get through it.  Here are some 7 Tips on How to Discuss a Child’s Drug Addiction with Your Other Children.  

While you’re helping your daughter adjust to life back home, please also remember to take care of yourself.  

Have you attended any support group meetings (Al-anon, Nar-anon, FA, etc.)?