My Daughter

My Daughter

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My daughter is going to be 36 this month and she is now a recovering Meth addict. She hated me and said very hurtful things to me even thou I was raising her son. She didn't start using until late in her life and had a great carrier, nice things and always had money in the wallet. I went through the court and had her Marchman acted and after 7 or 8 time in court the judge ordered her to rehab for the second time. She has been clean for over 10 months now and is very active with NA. I heard family and friends tell me everyday that she had to want to get clean herself to stay clean and this may be true for some but the court action worked for me and her. My point is you do whatever you can to save your child or love one and my thought was that everyday she was under a court order I was praying that she would be so scared of going to jail that today she may not use and her life is saved another day.. Never EVER give up and do whatever you have to do to save your loved one's life...each and every addict is worth saving!!!

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Dear My Daughter, you are correct and you should never give up on anyone let alone a child no matter how old they are. one does not start out wanting to become a drug or alcohol addict when they grow up. Things happen in life at time we are not prepared for. The old saying that they are adults and made a choice sometimes get used to death, mostly by those who will not or do not want to help. it seems to have turned out you did the right thing. what many parents or friends do not understand it is a long sometimes thankless job and in the middle there can be a lot of pain. we all think we are tough enough to support a loved one through recovery but as you have more than likely found out the pain is deeper and more hurtful and longer than most can imagine. Thank you for your words of encouragement to parents. I have been working with addicts and families for many years and sometimes the loved-ones have to be the first ones to deal with to ensure successful recovery of the addict. I am and recovering addict and alcoholic with just over 20 years of recovery time and work full time in the field.

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My Daughter,

Way to go, Mom! ...and ever-increasing health to your daughter. You are both inspirations! Your story about the arrival to recovery associated with your journey reminds us about how critical it is to tune in to that inner voice, that parental instinct that gives us insights to those actions and interactions we can try that are best suited to our particular son or daughter for the circumstances. We need to understand the difference between surrendering (to our greater wisdom) and giving up. One is empowering, the other is "giving up". Giving up is not an option. Thank you for sharing this powerful example of love!